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Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Publisher Exhibits


"The NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book List – How the National Science Teachers Association Chooses the "Best of the Best"

Each year, a book review panel appointed by the NSTA in cooperation with the Children's Book Council (CBC), chooses a short list of recommended books that offer science content and build literacy skills. Find out from Dr. Juliana Texley about the process, criteria, and what makes the winners stand out from the rest. Dr. Texley will also talk about the NSTA's online, searchable database of 10,000 teacher-reviewed books – a valuable resource for teachers, librarians, authors, and publishers.


Literacy Workshop 1


"Creative Science Curriculum that Incorporates Nonfiction Literature and Standards"

Presented by: Myra Zarnowski, Ed.D. & Susan Turkel, Ed.D.

Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Queens College


Like most educators, years ago we faced the fact that Common Core Standards provided us with a statement of the skills to teach but not the content or materials to use. The challenge, then, was for us to create a content-based science program that folded in the required skills in a way that was interesting—even awe-inspiring to children and teachers.


Working with NYC's Discovery School for Inquiry and Research (PS 201) faculty and administrators, we began to create units that integrate high quality nonfiction, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards. Our focus is interdisciplinary—given that Myra focuses on literacy and science, while Susan focuses mainly on mathematics and science. We will share the results of our four-year collaboration by providing the perspectives of teacher educators, teachers, and administrators as we discuss this project and share student work.


Literacy Workshop 2


"Teaching Science Through Nonfiction Trade Books"

Presented by: Christine Royce, Ed.D.

Teacher Education Department, Shippensburg University


How can teachers excite and educate children in science, technology, and engineering? Building on teacher resources developed over the last decade, this workshop will provide teachers from Grades 4 to 12 with investigations, explorations, and practical advice for using trade books to engage children in science content that incorporates mathematics and language arts.  The key focus will be related to the use of the Scientific and Engineering Practices; the Crosscutting Concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards; and STEM and STEAM initiatives.  Additional resources on accessing quality children’s literature (both non- fiction and fiction) from NSTA will be shared with participants. A list of recommended nonfiction science trade books and science resources will be provided.


Join your colleagues, editors, authors, illustrators, and digital developers at a delicious buffet lunch. Visit publisher tables with the latest nonfiction books and educational materials.


"Teaching with Primary Sources"

Presented by: Nancy A. Mazzella

United Federation of Teachers - Teacher Center (partners with the Library of Congress)


The Library of Congress has a wealth of online materials and instructional supports that are available free to teachers. The United Federation of Teachers - Teacher Center is a member of an educational consortium that assists the Library of Congress in the design and delivery of a Program called “Teaching with Primary Sources.” The UFTTC will deliver a presentation that connects Library of Congress resources to the Common Core and other standards and to the New York social studies framework’s scope and sequence.

Meet the Faculty

Nancy A. Mazzella

Nancy Mazzella is a field liaison and instructional technology specialist with the UFT Teacher Center. She leads the instructional technology team and blends a wealth of knowledge in instructional strategies with her expertise in instructional technology to enhance classroom instruction. Nancy Mazzella is the NYC Project Coordinator for the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources at the UFT Teacher Center.

Christine Royce, Ed.D.

Dr. Christine Anne Royce is a Professor in and Department Chairperson for the Teacher Education Department and co-director for the new MAT in science education program at Shippensburg University. She is the co-author of the NSTA Press Book titled Teaching Science Through Trade Books which is related to one of her more familiar roles as the co-editor/author for the ”Teaching Through Trade Books Column” in Science and Children. She has also co-authored the Investigate and Connect Series.  She has served on the NSTA/Children’s Book Council selection panel for Outstanding Trade Books in Science. She received her Ed.D in Science Education from Temple University; and is the recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science; and the PAC-TE Teacher Educator of the Year Award among other recognitions. She enjoys reading historical fiction, crime dramas, and children’s literature related to science topics.

Juliana Texley, Ph.D.

Dr. Juliana Texley is the 2014-2015 president of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). She is currently an instructor at Lesley University, Palm Beach State College, and Central Michigan University. Most recently, Dr. Texley worked with a number of stakeholder groups to review the Next Generation Science Standards and developed curriculum for JASON/National Geographic.

Susan Turkel, Ed.D.

Dr. Susan Turkel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Queens College/CUNY.  She coordinates the Mathematic Specialty and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics education with a special focus on teaching mathematics through children’s literature. Moreover, Dr. Turkel works along with elementary school teachers to find ways to use nonfiction children’s literature to highlight the mathematics imbedded in the science standards. She has coauthored several articles on using nonfiction children’s literature to teach science and math, including the most recent one "How Nonfiction Reveals the Nature of Science" in Children’s Literature and Education.

Myra Zarnowski, Ed.D.

Dr. Myra Zarnowski is a professor in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Queens College, where she teaches courses in children’s literature and social studies. A former classroom teacher in grades 3, 5, 6, and 7, she now enjoys working with teachers to include more nonfiction in their classrooms. Dr. Zarnowski is the author of Making Sense of History: Using High-Quality Literature and Hands-On Experiences to Build Content Knowledge and History Makers: A Questioning Approach to Reading and Writing Biographies, two books that deal with teaching history using nonfiction literature. She is an avid reader of children’s nonfiction and has served on both the Orbis Pictus Award Committee and the Notable Books in Social Studies Committee. She is also a frequent contributor to the blog The Uncommon Corps  (

United Federation of Teachers - Teacher Center

The United Federation of Teachers - Teacher Center is a collaboration of the UFT, the New York State Education Department, the New York City Department of Education, participating schools and districts, school support organizations, and metropolitan area universities and cultural institutions. The Teacher Center’s professional development activities for educators are designed to deepen content knowledge and enhance pedagogical skill.  In partnership with the Library of Congress, the UFTTC will deliver a presentation on Library of Congress materials available to teachers. The presentation is called “Teaching with Primary Sources.”

Continuing Education Credit

Attend the 21CNFC Sunday Educator Program or Full-Weekend Conference and Receive Continuing Education Credit!


  • Credit for the Sunday Educator Literacy Program
    Teachers attending this Educator Literacy Program
    can receive 1 CEU, which is 10 hours of professional development. To complete the remaining time for this credit, please complete one of the activities below.


  • Reflect on one aspect of the seminar that you attended and in a one-page, single-spaced narrative, explain how you plan to incorporate your personal learning experiences from this into your classroom.
  • Utilizing one of the nonfiction trade books that you learned about during the program, develop a classroom activity around this title and submit a narrative that describes this activity in detail.


Follow up activities can be submitted directly to Dr. Christine Royce at Please use “Children’s Nonfiction Conference” as the subject line.  Once you have been registered and your follow-up activity received, verification of your CEU credit will be provided by Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania.


1 CEU (10 Hours of Professional Development) = $10


  • Credit for the Full-Weekend Conference
    Teachers who decide to attend the full-weekend conference can earn 3 CEUs, which is 30 hours of professional development.
    To complete the remaining time for this credit, please complete
    one of the activities above.


3 CEUs (30 Hours of Professional Development) = $30


CEUs may be paid for during your online registration or after the conference.

Program Value: What's Included

The Educator Literacy Program is a wonderful value that includes... z Continental Breakfast
z "The NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book List" and "The NSTA's Database of Teacher-Reviewed Books"
z "Creative Science Curriculum that Incorporates Nonfiction Literature and Standards"
z "Teaching Science Through Nonfiction Trade Books"
z Library of Congress Presentation: "Teaching with Primary Sources"
z Publisher Exhibits
z Delicious Conference Lunch
z Free Parking in Campus Garage
z Eligibility for 1 CEU (Continuing Education Credit) The cost of the Sunday Educators Program is $75.

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